Dark Room

Photos : Toni Hafkenscheid

Dark Room
Tactile sound installation

A dark room designed for blackness, tactile sound, the bones, muscles and nerve network in the body. It’s a way to get in contact with inner & outer space, death and the sensuous. The room is an installation where people interact with spatial cues and intimacy while lying down on an elevated platform. This work is concerned with direct and swift transduction of the sound program to different sensorial zones of the body, mechanical transmission without airborne audio transmission. A sound massage from the chthonic.

Included in SPLICE group exhibition

SPLICE: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine presents a scientific gaze at the human body by showcasing traditional anatomical art, complemented and challenged by contemporary artworks. A large-scale public showing of anatomical images by Maria Wishart, Eila Hopper-Ross, Nancy Joy, Dorothy Foster Chubb, Elizabeth Blackstock and Margaret Drummond, selected from the extensive collection of Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto Mississauga and the Division of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, is included in the show. These artists utilized their traditional knowledge of art and science to achieve a balance between realistic rendering and an artistic vision of the human body. Lately, contemporary artists have been initiating a fresh discourse by experimenting with a wide range of representations. Today the body is frequently politicized and digitized in order to manipulate, dissect and provoke. Through the work of these artists SPLICE: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine addresses how understanding the complexity of the human anatomy requires both a scientific approach and aesthetic interpretation.
– Nina Czegledy, Curator


Pratt Manhattan Gallery
New York
Sept 20-Nov 19

Blackwood Galleries
October 24 – December 1