sylva_au naturel

sylva _ au naturel
Web project and vidéothèque

A process-oriented web project (QTVR) concerned with the concept of nature and representation.

Collaboration with German artist Florian Wüst, preliminary hosted by THING server in New York City.
Final version produced in residency at TechnOboro, April 99.

Photo : Denis Farley

Au naturel
A continuation of the web project, Sylva, an international videothèque programme about the landscape theme, including experimental and documentary works by Alexander Hahn (Switzerland), Tony Hill (G.-B), Marcel Schwerin (Germany), Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie (Québec), Crawley Fillms (Canada) and Gianni Toti (Italy).

Co-curated with Florian Wüst.

Presented at Oboro, Montréal, April 99.