Sous le glacier

Light installation

Café Bloom
Pointe-St-Charles, Montréal
October 28, 2018 – March 21, 2019
everyday 08h-21h et 00h-03h

Curator : Caroline Andrieux

At the Café Bloom in Pointe-St-Charles, Caroline Andrieux (Artistic Director of the Darling Foundry) has invited artists to exhibit for the last three years. In this context, Trudel created the first light installation in the window. The installation consists of adapting the track-light sockets with LED bulbs which create interference between animated pattern of glittering light.
This intervention is in line with the artist’s interest in integrating contemporary art into liminal architectural spaces such as windows, resulting in different experiences from both within and outside the building, during the day and night.

Un grand merci à Jessica Bégault.

Other artworks with windows Milieux associés (2014) ; Futur au présent (2012) ; Between light & night (2012) ; L’espace du milieu (2011) ; Interfacing (2010)